About Us

Suhani Bhatt

Sanjana Medisetty (CEO)

Anusha Devisetty (COO)


Vizio Care is small business that was created by three sophomores who aim to better the world through the use of technology. They have spent about 6 months developing this website from scratch. Each of them have a passion to help those in need and a creative mind to accomplish this feat. Sanjana Medisetty is the figurehead of the company and took the help of GiveMeFive, specifically Mrs. Ramya, to succeed in completing this website. Suhani Bhatt worked tirlessly to figure out the financial and marketing startegies needed for the business. Anusha Devisetty helped by creating the graphic designs for the website and helped with some of the strategies. All of three worked together passionately and created Vizio Care.